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scoobys_heart's Journal

Alexander "Xander" LaVelle Harris
3 December 1985
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Xander is 19 years old and just in that in between phase every teenage boy goes through, where he's still skinny from childhood but starting to fill out. He's rather tall, coming in around 6'4". Xander's face is framed by black curls and the expression in his dark brown eyes is usually one of amusement accompanied with a goofy grin, often after an inspired wisecrack at his own expense.

 -Long sleeved orange shirt, kinda faded from a botched washing experiment with a hole in the right sleeve right by his thumb
 -black sweater vest, not a /real/ sweater vest since it was kinda thin and not so very warm
 -black digital sports watch that Jesse had give him for his birthday their freshman year of high school
 -black athletic sneakers with white stripes not white socks, neither stripes nor socks were very white anymore and faintly smelled of fish, why Xander doesn't know
 -silver chain Willow gave him, with a small cross from Buffy, both given to him after graduation as a good-luck charm for his trip. Despite all the bad luck, he'd never had the heart to take it off since it was from his girls.
 -key to parent's house and car on plain keyring both so chipped and warped in color it was hard to tell them apart, except the car key was thinner
 -a small carved stake that he kept with him at all times and it had been a great source of gay jokes for the guys at the Nightclub
 -beaten leather wallet, that looks like it may have been stuck by a stake too many times,containing:
 -fifty dollars, all in ones, kinda crumple and had a musty weird smell
 -driver's license, bent at all four corner except one, with a very outdated picture where he'd worn a pink Hawaiian shirt which he now regretted
 -high school ID, blackened on one side and still smelt like charcoal
 -staff ID to the Fabulous Ladies Night Club, with a few lipstick marks on the back from some of the regular girls

Xander arrives just before he appears in the season four premiere The Freshman of the TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Xander's Mailbox

Xander Harris belongs to Joss Whedon and Nicholas Brendon belongs to himself. This is just a roleplaying journal for the_blank_slate